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David Foster Wallace – Uncut Interview

In this short clip which comes from a much longer unedited interview done by a German TV channel in 2003, David Foster Wallace, the author of the book Infinite Jest talks about political thinking in America.  In the full interview he talks most directly about his concerns about the education, drugs, media (especially TV) and how such things are affecting American society.

Open Culture has compiled a list of stories and essays DFW wrote in The New Yorker, Harper’s and other publications. And there is  DFW audio project too. Here is a must listen audio clip from his speech at a commencement on what it means to achieve real freedom:

Interview clip:


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A Universe From Nothing – Lawrence Krauss

How does a universe emerge from nothing?  Maybe “nothing” is not nothing? The answers can be found in this brilliant talk by theoretical physicist and promoter of science, Lawrence Krauss.

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Ashis Nandy’s post-colonial “intimate enemies”

Ashis Nandy is a psycho-analyst of post-colonial South Asia. Below are two very interesting conversations with him on India and Pakistan and how they are intimately connected (audio only).

On real India (here):

On Pakistan’s latent “potentialities” (here)

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