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Debt: The First 5000 Years

David Graeber in his book, Debt: The First Five ThousandĀ  Years, explores the history of money and credit, and how societies have been divided into creditors and debtors. Here is an interview on the same topic.


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“Kama to Karma” by Wendy Doniger

In this interesting talk, Wendy Doniger reads her article on “Kama to Karma: The Resurgence of Puritanism in Contemporary India”. She talk about how, in the contemporary Indian society, despite having produced astonishingly sophisticated texts like Kama Sutra and with a much open minded traditions than that of Europe in the past, the sexual prudery has become a common feature.

The Q&A session has some engaging discussions on this and other topics. One particularly interesting topic is by Sheldon Pollock from Columbia University, talking about theĀ crisis in classical studies in India – how India is loosing the capacity to access the long classical literary traditions that produced great works, a scary thought!

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Stanley Kubrick as a photographer

Stanley Kubrick worked as photographer before entering into film making and took photos with brilliant compositions. You can find a sample of his photographs taken in New York City during 40s here

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