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Stress, Portrait of a Killer

A documentary on perils of stress and how it affects our biology by Dr. Robert Sapolsky from Standford University.


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The Queen of Trees

The story of African fig tree and its relationship with tiny insects and, indeed, many other species is depicted in this amazingly neat video. The camera work in capturing the microcosm is particularly praiseworthy! After watching this, one gets a real sense of how intricately everything is related through millions of years of evolution – beautiful!

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Sanjay Reddy: Prosperity Amidst Poverty and Inequality

In this informative panel discussion Prof. Sanjay Reddy talks about the need for economic theories to catch-up with empirical observations on explaining the global poverty and inequality, especially in large developing countries like India and China. He also stresses the need to understand the underlying mechanism that lead to inequality, based on realistic models (and not some toy model, lacking any realistic observations, of which there seems to be a quite a few in the field of economics). Click on the image below for his talk.

You can also find an introduction to Prof. Sanjay Reddy’s background here.

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Indian Indie Music

Rounak Maiti: A 17 year old inspired by musicians like Bon Iver and James Vincent Mcmorrow etc.

Shantanu Pandit: Inspired by Bob Dylan and the like.

Tehelka has more here.

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