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Foundations of Indian Culture by R. Ganesh

For a quite some time I have been searching for some lucid material on the foundations of Indian culture, the so called sanatan dharma, that can be understood by everyone. Finally, I found these 18 hours lectures by R. Ganesh which are amazing, because they are very easy to understand and at the same time covers most aspects of the foundations of sanatan dharam in an intimate setting (conversationally).


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Pawan Gupta on Education (Hindi)

Part 1:

Other parts are available on the same channel.

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Ravindra Sharma on Indian Perspective of Education (Hindi)

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Robert Sapolsky: Are Humans Just Another Primate?

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Stress, Portrait of a Killer

A documentary on perils of stress and how it affects our biology by Dr. Robert Sapolsky from Standford University.

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The Queen of Trees

The story of African fig tree and its relationship with tiny insects and, indeed, many other species is depicted in this amazingly neat video. The camera work in capturing the microcosm is particularly praiseworthy! After watching this, one gets a real sense of how intricately everything is related through millions of years of evolution – beautiful!

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John Cleese on Creativity

In this very interesting video British actor and comedian John Cleese of Monty Python fame talks about how to be creative. He rightly points out that creativity is not a talent or has anything to do with IQ. It is a “way of operating” in the world. He talk about two ways of operating – a closed mode and an open mode, and creativity flourishes in the later. This means that everyone can be creative, they just have to operate in a particular way which makes their natural creativity to function. More on these two modes of operating in the video below. (via OC)

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