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Ajai Sahni on India’s Faultlines

Very interesting talk by Dr. Ajai Sahni on India’s current internal security issues and faultlines, and how well it is prepared to tackle those problems.


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January 5, 2014 · 1:36 am

Objective Journalism?

Can real journalist ever be objective? I don’t think so. A recent article in nytimes explores real journalist’s identity as being a thin line between journalism and activism, vis-a-vis Glen Greenwald, who broke the story on secret government program on domestic and international phone tapping. Another example of a real journalist (who is not neutral, and rightly so) is P. Sainath. Here is a video where Robert Jensen, professor of journalism at UT Austin, talks about P. Sainath in his journalism class. The documentary, Nero’s Guest, is a summary of Sainath’s work on Indian farmer’s suicides, caused mostly by neo-libral policies adoped by India in late 90s.

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I recently discovered Manthan (its a Hindi word, means churning), a platform based in Hyderabad where leaders from various fields come from across the world to share their thoughts, resulting in a high quality debates. The topics discussed are very diverse in nature. I haven’t browsed through most of the videos, but I just watched this (see below) interesting talk by Arun Shourie on the topic of public discourse in India today and what can we do about it.  Rest of the talks are available here.

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Reflections on the Media and Hegemony by Shoma Chaudhury

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