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Ravindra Sharma on Indian Perspective of Education (Hindi)


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Neuroscience and Vedic Wisdom

Prof. Subhash Kak is the head of computer science department at Oklahoma State University.

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Interview with David Bohm

Interview with David Bohm, one of the prominent physicist of 20th century, talking about wholeness and the implicate order.

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January 23, 2013 · 8:08 pm

Robert Sapolsky: Are Humans Just Another Primate?

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Stress, Portrait of a Killer

A documentary on perils of stress and how it affects our biology by Dr. Robert Sapolsky from Standford University.

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The Queen of Trees

The story of African fig tree and its relationship with tiny insects and, indeed, many other species is depicted in this amazingly neat video. The camera work in capturing the microcosm is particularly praiseworthy! After watching this, one gets a real sense of how intricately everything is related through millions of years of evolution – beautiful!

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What is Life? A 21st Century Perspective


On the 70th Anniversary of Schroedinger’s Lecture titled ” What is Life?” at Trinity College, J. Craig Venter gives an update with a 21st century perspective. Video of the lecture is here.

As you all know, Schrödinger’s book was published in 1944 and it was based on a series of three lectures here, starting in February of 1943. And he had to repeat the lectures, I read, on the following Monday because the room on the other side of campus was too small, and I understand people were turned away tonight, but we’re grateful for Internet streaming, so I don’t have to do this twice.

Also, due clearly to his historical role, and it’s interesting to be sharing this event with Jim Watson, who I’ve known and had multiple interactions with over the last 25 years, including most recently sharing the Double Helix Prize for Human Genome Sequencing with him from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory a few years ago.

Schrödinger started his lecture with a key question and an interesting insight on it. The question was “How can the events in space and time, which take place within the boundaries of a living organism be accounted for by physics and chemistry?” It’s a pretty straightforward, simple question. Then he   answered what he could at the time, “The obvious inability of present-day physics and chemistry to account for such events is no reason at all for doubting that they will be accounted for by those sciences.” While I only have around 40 minutes, not three lectures, I hope to convince you that there has been substantial progress in the last nearly 70 years since Schrödinger initially asked that question, to the point where the answer is at least nearly at hand, if not in hand.

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